There is beauty all around us ..

.We are so lucky at Dreamcatcher Cabins to be in the middle of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. We are surrounded by woodland walks, cycle tracks, birds, small mammals, rivers, trees, lochs and so much more.

The other day I was sitting having a coffee and a little stoat appeared out of the wall – an amazing little creature. It was not particularly bothered by me sitting there although he did not come too close. Just minutes later a buzzard flew over and a Red Squirrel came to the feeder to gather some more nuts.

More and more research is showing that getting out in nature is healing. It reduces stress and anxiety and stills the mind in a way so many other things do not.

Dreamcatcher Cabins are set in a forest with wildlife all around. You can lie in your outdoor bath and watch a huge variety of birds come and go. One lady reported a Red Squirrel jumped over her bath and she did not know who got the bigger fright! The animals come and go as you sit and observe while relaxing and decompressing.

If you feel like a break after all this madness you know where we are. We would love to have you.

Stay safe. x