Queen Elizabeth ll

I switched the telly on last night at about 6.20 pm and watched in shock as the Queen’s death unfolded.

Why it came as a surprise to anyone that a 96-year-old lady had died is questionable but it did.

I like the royal family in a passing interest kind of way. I like to see their outfits and watch the antics of the little royals. However, I do have a huge respect for the Queen.

She spent her whole life doing what she thought was right without ever offending or embarrassing anyone. She loved her family and although she may not have shown it in a traditional “huggy” kind of way, you just knew by the way she responded to them that they were a huge part of her life.

I have not had much sympathy for Prince Harry recently, going to America for a quiet life and then courting the media – the same media he wanted to get away from.

However, the night before last, his brother, aunt and uncles all arrived together supporting each other – he came alone, visibly upset, having not made it in time to see his gran. My heart hurt for him. Not only had he caused a gran he obviously loved a lot of pain in her last months of life, but he was also clearly ostracised from the family too. Sometimes, we just reap what we sow.

A woman of 96 died yesterday. She worked right up until she died – an amazing feat. She was dignified, smiling, gracious. Imagine having to listen to the amount of rubbish she must have and still smile! Love or hate the royals you have to respect the dedication and fortitude she embodied.

Queen Elizabeth ll, you played a blinder. I hope you finally now get the rest and peace you deserve.