Burnt Bits?

There were a few things today that made my heart miss a beat. Brian has stopped using chemicals and weed killers – he burns the weeds instead. Brian and Ryan were working around Dreamcatchers and I overheard Ryan say to Brian “I am not sure all the burnt bits look very good”. Of course immediately my ears were on stalks as my mum would have said. “Burnt bits?” I inquired in the most neutral tone of voice I could manage.

Brian (oh so very casually) hopped up and said “I will have a wee walk up with you Ryan”. Meanwhile I was thinking – I will be right up behind you! However I managed to restrain myself and when I went up later all the “burnt bits” seemed to have disappeared!

Then there was the leaking tap we discovered in Fox and were still repairing it at 3 pm as the guests started to arrive. However all well that ends well – the guests have arrived and everyone is happy – including me.