Anyone for Skinny Dipping? ….

Spring is well and truly here. So I celebrated with a skinny dip.

Just 5km from the cabins is a beautiful, tranquil hidden little pond which is perfect for a swim.

After a run in the hot afternoon sunshine, I jumped into the fresh, cool water. I felt like I had my own private swimming pool. I disturbed a couple of Canada geese who were having a romantic afternoon together. Once they realised I wasn’t there to eat them, they went back to enjoying their little date. Animals are so much more intelligent than we give them credit for. Once they knew I wasn’t a threat we shared the spot together. They didn’t seem to mind the nudity. We’re so lucky to have such amazing spots so nearby.

Being in a National Park means we are also blessed with amazing plants and animals to admire. If you’re joining us this summer, you should pay the secret pond a visit. It’s the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon.