“It seems to me that we all look at Nature too much, and live with her too little” Oscar Wilde

It’s Wednesday – where does the time go?

I know this is a feeling common to so many of us. I have been trying to take the time each day to appreciate the things around me a little more – probably the buzz word is mindfulness. There is something about that word that grates on me so I choose not to use it – I must be getting cantankerous in my old age!

Today as I was going around doing my final checks for our guests arriving my little robin friend was following me as he usually does. Some days he comes into the cabins with me – that is less appealing as toilet training has escaped him.

I was thinking again what an absolute privilege it is to have nature all around me. As if on cue our owl Trevor started to hoot. I had to remind him it was 2.30 pm and not the time for him to be out and about. The sun was glinting through the trees and there was a Red Squirrel at the feeder (not seen much of them over the winter). Amazing.

It reminded me of a quote by Oscar Wilde:

“It seems to me that we all look at Nature too much, and live with her too little”. How wise he was.

It is one of the things I love about the cabins. We can look and live with nature if we slow down and take the time to do so. So many of our guests comment on how soothing it is.

Enjoy the rest of your week.