An ultra-marathon for trees

Published by Fiona Patterson  · June 6  · 

Yesterday Ross ran an ultra-marathon for the preservation of the Caledonian forest. It was 50 km and he completed it with great determination. It is a serious distance. Well done Ross. Your effort will ensure many more trees are planted in the quest to regenerate our planet.

On the Dreamcatchers site you may have noticed we have planted many new trees and bushes. They are almost all doing very well. There are probably about 400 and it was not just the planting of them – Brian had us carting endless watering cans over to ensure they bedded in properly for weeks on end. Looking at them now it was worth the effort. At the time – well ….I was less enthusiastic!

We can all do our little bit. If you have a lawn maybe you could leave an edge of it long to give habitat to the insects or plant some flowers that bees are partial to? Every bit of effort helps. Enjoy your Sunday evening and have a lovely week. x