A quiet Friday led to a busy Saturday!

Well, yesterday I was full of zen and contemplation and today I was the proverbial blue fly!

The team were busy getting on with all their tasks and I was running behind them doing mine. I finished at 3.01 pm and the guests arrive anytime after 3 pm, so to say I cut it fine was an understatement.

The rain was pelting down and when I was in a cabin it was a glorious feeling. The rain hitting the roof, the birds coming and going from the feeders (it was sheltered in the forest for them) and the calmness the cabins exude brought back a wee bit of the zen from yesterday!

It is always so pleasing to have everything ready and looking great. Another set of guests who will hopefully have a really great time.

Again to you all, thank you for coming, for reading and for supporting in so many ways. We really appreciate it.