You are off to great places …

“You are off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting so …. get on your way” Dr Seuss

We may not be able to travel quite yet but we will be in the not too distant future I am sure. The days are getting slightly longer, the vaccination programme is well underway. I am hearing of more and more people who have been vaccinated or have their appointment booked. Not me unfortunately but it does give you hope that soon, the world, will be a safer place.

I know many of you are thinking the same as we are getting an increasing number of enquiries about spring and summer this year. Remember as well as the cabins we have the campervan which can be booked to have a travelling holiday. It really is a beautiful space to be in. Brian and I took it on a test drive during the summer when we were allowed to travel. It really was a wonderfully free feeling to have your bed with you and just wander. We had our bikes on the bike rack and when we stopped up somewhere we unhooked our bikes and cycled in the local area – it really was a wonderful way to travel.

As with the cabins we are totally flexible if COVID should change your plans. We will refund or rearrange right up to the last minute.

If you fancy a holiday that is a little different this year just drop me a message.

Stay safe. x