Yes, it is officially freezing…

Today started with the most beautiful sunrise. I did not realise just how cold it was until I went out for a walk in the morning. It was Baltic!

Although it was cold, it was stunningly beautiful. As I walked like an old lady on the ice taking tiny little steps, I could not help but be amazed once again at the beautiful scenery that surrounds cabins.

We have so many beautiful walks – I am so sorry we have to be closed and you are not able to enjoy it with us. If you like to walk, run, cycle, Dreamcatcher Cabins is the perfect location for you. You can head straight out from the cabins and run for miles on forest tracks. Ross is going to do some running 🏃‍♀️ route maps for you.

The boys headed out running about half an hour ago. They often run at night in the forest with a head torch. If you are a runner maybe it’s something you would like to try. When the moon is out to guide your way, it is a magical place to be (I’m told). When you get back, sink into the outdoor bath and ease your muscles, while listening to the forest. Just don’t get lost!

Even in these temperatures, with the fire on and the blinds down, it is just perfect in the cabins. The frost gives a certain stillness that does not happen at other times of year. It’s really special.

Stay safe x