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What to Expect While Staying at Dreamcatcher Cabins

We realise the cabins are a little unusual. They’re quite different from daily life, so here’s an idea of what to expect while staying at Dreamcatcher Cabins. 


The decking – This is our outdoor area. It has a bath, kitchenette with two gas hobs, a powerful log burning stove and a couch. This is where our guests spend most of their time reading, chatting and playing board games. The deck also has floor-to-ceiling roll-up blinds which keep you sheltered from the elements. 

The bedroom – We have big, comfortable double beds. The bedroom also has an air heater for those cold winter evenings and we’ve recently added hand-made shelves for convenient storage of all your luggage. 

The ensuite – The ensuite has a hot shower, sink and composting toilet. The composting toilet is unusual, but easy to use and quick to get used to – just make sure you sit down! 


The cabins are your own little shelter in the woods. I lived in one for three months over lockdown. They have everything you need to survive. 

Outside – we provide pots, pans, cooking utensils – everything you need to cook a meal. We also stock all the glasses, mugs and cutlery you’ll need. As I mentioned, we have an outdoor bath which guests love to use. We also leave a complimentary bath bomb and bottle of prosecco for your arrival. The fire and couch are a cosy place to relax. 

Inside – the bed is made up with high quality linens. We provide dressing gowns and fresh towels, hand soap and some info about things to do and places to eat nearby. Under the bed, you’ll also find a box with board games, a first aid kit, and plenty of spare candles. 

Note: the cabins don’t have plug sockets or wifi. The idea is to disconnect from the 21st century and spend time in a natural environment.

What to do

Since you don’t have your phone or netflix, how will you spend all of your free time? 

  • Reading – the cabins are the perfect place to dive into a good book. Light the fire, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy the peace and quiet. There’s no better way to spend an afternoon at Dreamcatcher’s. 
  • Board games – We stock a few great board games including scrabble, dominoes and chess. Our guests often bring their own along with them, and enjoy spending quality time playing with their partner. 
  • A walk in the woods – We’re situated in the loch Lomond National Park. On your doorstep are hundreds of miles of walks and cycle tracks. Make the most of them!

I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect while staying with us at Dreamcatcher Cabins. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.