What is new at Dreamcatcher Cabins?

We are delighted with how many of you are coming to stay with us. Thank you so much. The reviews are great and everyone seems to be having a really relaxing time. We are almost full now in April which is just amazing.

Today the weather was stunning. The birds were singing and the sun was streaming through the forest. Our friend Alex and my brother-in-law Gary popped up to say hello and caught me putting the UV protection on to Badger’s¬†Sett. They were very useful for holding the ladder! I think Health and Safety may have been a little concerned had they seen the jaunty angle of the ladders at times. I will be continuing on with the painting of the UV oil protection when the cabins are free. The bear is getting a coat too!

Ross and Jamie are working on the changeover of the calendar to the new system and that should be operational, dare I say it – tomorrow. We have taken on board your comments about it being difficult to see which cabins are available at times so the new system will make it much easier. We just have a couple of things to tweak and we are off!

This week we were delighted to welcome Christine to our housekeeping team. She joins Claire in keeping the cabins spotless. Delighted to have you Christine.

Ross also put up the owl box today for Trevor. He is still in the forest (Trevor not Ross) and we hope he may like his designer pad and move in shortly. He is being very vocal and guests are commenting on how chatty he is! The hedgehogs are also still rustling around and Brian is still feeding them! When I questioned when this may stop he said “well it has been very cold at night”. Honestly, the 2 I have seen recently were so fat they could barely walk!