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What a Week…

Well what a week we’ve had. As you might have heard, our parrot Darby went missing and turned up 45 miles away in Dalry, Ayrshire. He was found by a large-scale social media campaign, and rescued by Dad on Wednesday. The story made the front page of the Stirling Observer.

A kind local (thanks Janet) dropped in a copy of the paper this morning. To say Dad’s delighted would be an understatement. 

I just want to say again how grateful we are to the Dreamcatcher community for helping bring Darb’s home. It was deeply touching to see so many people so concerned over the welfare of our pet. 

In other news, our new welcome folders are nearing completion. We’re in the proof-reading and editing stage now. Then it will be passed on to a graphic designer to be made to look good. Thanks again to everyone who shared ideas of what should go in there. 

My girlfriend and I are heading to Campbelltown for the weekend in the Dream Machine. We’re all trying to use it as much as we can while the weather isn’t too cold. If you see us on the road, give us a wave or come and say hello!

I hope you all have a nice weekend. This week’s been a reminder of how good and kind and thoughtful the vast majority of people out there are. It can be easy to forget that sometimes. 

Thank you all again 🙏