What a beautiful day at Dreamcatchers ..

We got up early to a beautiful bright and sunny morning. We had hoped to stay up to watch the US election last night but one by one we had drifted off to bed. The telly was on first thing this morning to catch up on the news. The day had begun with a lot of discussion!

Ross was having a day off and I was working but we have such a great team I managed to sneak off into the forest (shhhh). There were many people out enjoying the sunshine – cyclist, horses, walkers – all having such a lovely time.

In these unbelievably difficult times, I feel it is even more important we look to nature to soothe our nerves and quiet our minds. It certainly worked for me today.

A review from today which made me proud:

“This is the most wholesome place you will ever visit! It makes me proud to be Scottish and have this sanctuary on my doorstep. Dreamcatcher Cabins is such a beautiful idea and It did not disappoint. Thank you so much to Fiona and Ross and the full family for making everything so perfect for our stay. The special touches and takeaway deserts were lush. I would recommend this to everyone especially right now when the world is so stressful. It was so great to just get away, reconnect and enjoy nature. Thanks a million!”

Stay safe x