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We’re in the papers!

We were very flattered to be featured recently in an article by The Scotsman, of “The 10 Best Woodland Retreats to Escape to this Autumn”. Not only were we featured, we were also the cover photo of the article!

Also on the list were beautiful treehouses, cabins similar to our own, and an ecoYoga retreat. It’s great to see the amazing array of accommodations available in Scotland, aiming to do a similar thing to ourselves – give guests the opportunity to enjoy the brilliant Scottish wilderness. 

The article summed us up quite nicely:

“over at Gartmore in Stirlingshire, you might find the perfect place to recharge. Here hot tubs, candles and fairy lights create some extra magic in this woodland setting, where the cabins take on names such as Badger’s Sett and Jay’s Nest. You will get a phone reception but there are no sockets to boost up your devices. It might just be time to unplug from it all.”

We don’t have hot tubs, but the outdoor bath I think they’re referring to is always a hit. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve attracted media coverage, and we hope it won’t be the last. 

We were also recently featured in The Sunday Post, and TWO Edinburgh live articles. Not bad eh? 

It’s a real privilege to think someone has taken the time to write an article about us. A little bit of recognition is a good sign that the hard work we’re putting in is paying off. So thank you to The Scotsman, Edinburgh Live and The Sunday Post. We really appreciate it!