We received a lovely photo today …

Today we received this photo from a local lady. Her husband had taken the photo for a local social media group. It follows on from my blog yesterday about the sign.

There has been “poetic license” she explained, but we really love the shot. The sign looks great in the snow and I think it really encapsulates what we are about at Dreamcatchers.

As you know we have our own resident owl in the forest – Trevor. This is not Trevor, of course, we think it is a Snowy Owl which is not a native species to Scotland but it is lovely just the same and I was touched the lady had taken the time to send it to us. It made me smile. I did not tell Brian about the “poetic license” and he immediately was trying to figure out how a Snowy Owl had arrived in Gartmore!

I had a lovely walk today in the woods. We have some lovely 10-12 km routes from the cabins. Today I did a 12 km loop which finished in the village. When you are here in the summer if the pub is open it will be great to pop in and have a bowl of soup at the end of your walk. I keep dreaming of doing the simple things we used to take for granted. Roll on normality. We will appreciate our freedom a lot more in the future I think.

Once again thank you to everyone who has rearranged their bookings (some for the 4th time) and for those of you who continue to book. We appreciate it so much. Meanwhile – stay safe. x