We are up and running ….


We are open for business again and our first guests have arrived. It is lovely to have guests back in the cabins.

It is a beautiful day here. If you hop on to Instagram you will see the lovely walk I had along the cycle track towards Bucklyvie this morning with Bob (he is here for a visit while his family are away). It is about 6 miles there, all off-road and through the countryside. Either walk or hire bikes in Aberfoyle and enjoy the peace. When you get there visit the pottery shop and coffee shop before you come back. I really enjoy that little outing.

Going the other way along the cycle track you are beside the river and it is beautiful too. You will arrive in Aberfoyle and can have lunch in the pub or coffee. The birds are singing this morning and I have a feeling that spring is in the air. The snowdrops are out – that is always a sign. It was a beautiful morning to be out walking.

Claire will be here soon and we will be changing over the cabins ready for the new guests arriving. The season has well and truly begun!