We are galloping through July

I cannot believe we are already at the 23rd of July. The season is in full flow are we have been practically full all July. We have a very busy August too which we are really delighted about. We are very grateful to everyone who has visited and booked.

Ross has taken some time off and has gone surfing to Portugal. This means I have to do some work which has come as a little bit of a shock as Ross has really been doing mostly everything as the General Manager. Jamie is in charge of all things Marketing of course but, on a day to day basis, that is a less hands-on role although he is always willing to bail us out when we are struggling. We are very lucky to have 2 such capable sons who are also willing to work with their Mum and Dad. There are many days I am sure that is very challenging for them as we fumble about with the social media and all things technical!

In the weeks ahead we plan to get the pond built and get signs for the main road to let people know where we are. We also want to get new information folders for the cabins with our new logo on them. These are the priorities at present.

We remain very excited about our cabin project and how they have developed from an idea in our heads to now. Some days I go round the cabins and cannot quite believe it has happened. We have great systems in place and a fabulous team of people around us which makes things run really smoothly (almost always) and gives a really great environment for us to work in and you to holiday in! Thank you for reading, booking, sharing and showing an interest.