Valentines Day Approaches

Valentines Day Approaches
We are fully booked for Valentines Day which is wonderful. It is a romantic spot to spend some quality time with each other unwinding.
Today we are working on getting the blinds winding up and down better. We have decided to order small winches as we think they may be smoother when you are getting them up and down. Ryan is planting holly bushes for the wildlife but also in our Forest Management Plan we will be replacing some of the Sitka Spruce (non-native) with some of our native trees. It is so much better for wildlife. However, we are going to let the holly grow first to ensure we still have the seclusion between the cabins.
Jamie is getting our logo developed. That is something that has been on the to-do list for so long – we pulled the jellyfish looking dreamcatcher off the internet in great haste at the start of Dreamcatchers. He is also working on celebration packages which will be able to be purchased when you book and editing the photos he took yesterday which are looking really great. I will include a couple with the post.
What am I up to? I am a bit behind today. Sneaked out to see my friend first thing and she made me a lovely breakfast and I have been playing catch up. I have been sourcing signs to put on the main road to help people locate us (if you know anyone locally I would like to use a local company), corresponding with potential guests on email and other bits and bobs too.