“If you’re not growing, you’re dying” – Tony Robbins

We love to improve things at Dreamcatcher Cabins. Dad especially has a million ideas of exciting things we could do to make our guest’s stay that little bit more special.

When we built our newest cabin – Hedgehog’s Hideaway – we took the opportunity to make some upgrades. Dad had the great idea of adding a sink and an extending hydraulic sideboard. At the moment, guests do the dishes in the bath, which works fine, but we can do better.

Reviews of the new setup in Hedgehog have been extremely positive, so we’re adding a sink to the other 4!

So Dad’s been hammering and sawing, drilling and sanding all week in Squirrel. He’s just about finished adding the new sink, while also replacing the slightly worn worktop. The first guests we have on the 26th of April will be able to make a meal, do the dishes, and slip into a nice hot bath with ease!

We’re so looking forward to having people back in our little patch of woodland.