Trialing the Campervan for Dreamcatcher Honeymoons

As we had never been in a campervan Brian and I decided that we better test drive one to be sure we knew exactly what we needed for the Dreamcatcher Honeymoon one.

On Sunday morning Brian was thinking we should reschedule due to the approaching storm “not at all” said I, “we will find a sheltered campsite and all will be well”.

Roll on 12 hours and we are in the spot the campsite assured us was sheltered. The van was rocking from side to side as Storm Denis unleashed his fury on the unsuspecting campervan. I was a quivering wreck with Brian assuring me that a vehicle this size is definitely not going to blow away (he knows that how?).

Eventually, I could stand no more and hopped into the driver’s seat to take us to a location I know not where, only to discover we were stuck in the mud! I had to abandon my post and slink back into bed to endure a night of terror!

Morning arrived and I declared my campervan days over. I told Brian I was going home and he very sneakily suggested we have a cooked breakfast in the restaurant first, as we had to wait get towed out anyway. Always partial to a cooked breakfast I agreed.

The campsite had not heard of customer service. Three hours later (it is taking me all my time not to name and shame) when they considered they had the spare 5 mins it took to tow us out, they arrived in a JCB. I had been in contact with them 3 times so it is not as if they had forgotten! A tractor had passed about 156 times, a Defender with a huge tow bar about 213 times – anyway, keep to the point. By then my food had settled, I had read my book for a couple of hours and the memory of my night of terror was subsiding. Brian suggested we just have a little drive down the coast and I agreed. Before I knew what was happening I was staying for a second night in the dreaded campervan.

The contrast could not have been more stark. We were in a beautiful spot right by the water called St Abbs, we could hear the sea lapping in, the gulls were calling, a seal was barking and we cooked a simple meal on the stove. We ate it with a glass of chilled wine from the fridge as the sun was setting over the water. It was like paradise. The bed in the van was so comfortable and we slept soundly. When we opened the curtains a fishing boat was returning from its night work. It was magical.

The harbor master arrived to give us our ticket (you pop your money through the hut door on the pier when you arrive). He explained the community own the harbor and our money goes towards the upkeep. He could not have been more helpful or friendly.

The verdict – I am sold! Now we need to work out the finer details ie how to create what is in our heads. We managed with the cabins and I am sure we will manage with the campervan – I will keep you posted. It’s very exciting.