Today’s News

Instagram Competition

We have a competition running to win a weekend at Dreamcatcher Cabins on Instagram. Pop over and enter.

Brian was busy yesterday planting 3 Scots Pine trees. We do not have any in the woodland so they are a welcome addition. It is our only native pine tree and the Red Squirrels love them. They live for up to 700 years. I wonder what the world will be like then?

You may remember us releasing baby pheasants? I had spotted them wandering up the A81 and was little worried about their survival. They were spotted last week in the field above the cabins so they have survived the winter and should be ready to breed this year.

We have a wren’s nest in the bin store. It has been there for a few weeks now. It is not the quietest place to bring up a family but Brian saw the wren hop into it today so they are still thinking it is a prime position for a family.

I was a little peeved to hear from a guest that my little robbin friend had been hanging out with her during the weekend. Honestly, is there no loyalty in the animal kingdom?