Today at Dreamcatchers

We had a lot of plans for this year. We had launched Dreamcatcher Honeymoons, we had the campervan underway in the same design as the cabins, Brian had felled the trees, we had started the base for the new cabins, Ross was working on hiking trips for our guests …. and then it stopped, so abruptly.

However none of that matters. Getting as many people through the next few months as safely as possible is the only important thing. Staying in, supporting our NHS, looking after family, friends and neighbours. Quite a task?

We are determined that good is going to come out of this situation. Ross is working on his hiking business, planning routes, discussing ideas, writing mission statements, Jamie is holed up in the office working on his course, Brian is in the Dreamcatchers site planting lots of new trees, bushes and roses and I am planting seeds, making soup to keep us all healthy, writing, keeping our parrot amused and trying to manage a potentially stressful situation as effectively as possible.

I am sure variations on this theme are going on in houses all over the country. We do not usually spend as much time together without being able to go out.

I am focussing on the fact that all we are being asked is to stay in and stay healthy. My Dad, spent most of his 20s in Burma fighting a war, away from friends and family seeing things that “were best not remembered or discussed” as he said often.

The “war” we are facing does not ask too much of most of us. To save lives we just have to stay in. Not everyone, however, is managing to do that. I wonder why not?

Thank you to all of you who are not safe at home but out on the front lines in the NHS and other areas. We very much appreciate it.