The weather continues to be fab ..

Published by Fiona Patterson  · July 17 at 9:37 AM  · 

Ross and I were on cabin turnaround duty this morning and we left the roasting heat of the day to enter into the forest which was lovely and cool.

We are also blessed with a midge-free area due to our midge machine which has been in operation for many years now.

Ross and his girlfriend then went on the “3 lochs forest drive” and had a swim along the way. The walks and the scenery you have on your doorstep from the cabins is just amazing. If you enjoy being outdoors it is the perfect location for you to enjoy nature at its best.

Our carpark is empty today so I think the guests are out and about too. They will return later to the cool of the forest, run a bath and relax, maybe with a little glass of bubbles in their hand or even a cup of tea. It is a perfect day.

Today I have to say that The Trossachs are looking amazing!