The things we cannot control ……

There are so many things at present that are outwith our control. We need to have the grace to accept and adapt.

I was reminded of this on several occasions yesterday. One was Nicola’s statement which filled us with disappointment. Today I have been contacting our guests due to visit before 26th April – I have not finished yet if you have not heard from me. Part of me is wondering if she may bring the date forward – she did last time if you remember. As I said – all outwith our control and no use trying to second guess it.

Shortly after Nicola, Brian was trying to get Derby in earlier than usual. Darby for those who have not heard is our little green parrot who lives between the house and the forest.

Brian called him and Darby swooped in as usual. However yesterday he landed on the gazebo roof and was whistling down at Brian. Brian shouted him to come down to which Derby shouted back “peanuts”.

Brian said in a stern tone “you come down first and I will get you a peanut”. Darby was having none of it – “peanuts” he shouted back! This went on for a few minutes until Brian gave in and went and got a peanut for him. Immediately Darby came down onto his shoulder and into the house. I am not sure if Brian was fully aware he had just been outmaneuvered by a little green parrot! Go Darby!

Meanwhile as always – stay safe x