The Swallows Return

Published by Fiona Patterson  · May 15  · 

We are delighted that our swallows are back in the garage making a nest. I am not sure if they are late this year (it feels later) but they swooped in the other day, coming into the house, as usual, to fly around and see if our kitchen was a suitable spot for a nest. Thankfully not.

They then flew into the garage, up into the back rafters and started nest construction in the same place as always. Unfortunately, it is above the place Pan (one of our outdoor cats) has decided her new bed will be. When the babies fledge the nest I am once again going to have to be on baby swallow watch!

All is quiet today in Dreamcatchers. We had all our cabins come in last night and I am sure everyone is enjoying the dry weather today. The leaves are all coming out on the trees over the last few days and of the 400 trees and shrubs we planted last year almost all are now in bud. It is very satisfying as it was hard work planting and then watering them every day for weeks. It has been worth it though.

I hope you are all having a good weekend and who knows you may even be going to see friends tonight! What a wonderful thought and we will not be taking that for granted ever again!

Enjoy whatever you are up to this weekend.