The sun shone, the rain poured and the team went about their business ..

Friday is busy. We have 5 sets of guests coming in today so it was all go in the forest.

Brian was changing gas canisters, doing a few wee jobs and watching out for the wood delivery. Ryan was adding hardcore to some parts of the paths that we had been up and down so often they had been worn away, Christine, Mel and I were changing the cabins, ironing, cleaning and generally getting ready for our new guests.

As I headed out to do my final checks the sun was splitting the skies. When I came out of the first cabin the rain was so heavy it was actually a bit sore when it hit me. Of course I had not put on a jacket! Wet to my skin by the time I had been round all the cabins.

The cabins are great in the rain. The fires are ready for our guests to put a match to them, open the Prosecco and relax back on the sofa when they arrive, to listen to the rain. It is the perfect day for it!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy whatever you are doing. Happy Friday.