The stars are shining bright over Dreamcatcher Cabins

What a beautiful night for stars last night. It was crisp and frosty and the stars were twinkling brightly. Our guests would have been so cosy with their log burning stoves on and the thick throws. I know the fires are lovely in the summer too but there is something wonderful about a frosty night and a fire.

A few people ask if the firewood is included. It is. You can just help yourself and it is part of our going back to our roots I think. Our guests report they love going and bringing back the wood in the barrow for their fire – the hunter-gatherer in us lives on.

Brian was reading about a woodland experience that gathers in mobile phones as you arrive. While I think that is taking things a little far I think the sentiment is correct. Put on the fire, cook something lovely on the stove, crack open a bottle of something chilled and just enjoy each other and the nature around you. Later fill the bath and sink into it before hopping into your lovely comfortable bed.

I am just checking the bookings for next week to see if I can hide in the forest for a couple of days! Market research of course! Tell not a soul……