The Saga of the bins

We started to ask Stirling Council for bins about 2 months before we opened. Recycling is an important part of our ethos at Dreamcatcher Cabins and therefore we needed the recycling bins to make it easy for everyone. Very straightforward you would think – NO! We still do not have them and Brian is frantically going through all the rubbish and using our bins to make sure it is done. Lovely job for him.

Finally on Friday Brian once again contacted Stirling Council to be told “they cannot cope with any more commercial recycling”. Sorry? This is our Council who should be leading the way surely? Nope, their solution is we go to a private contractor. I really feel this is not good enough.

We have contacted a contractor and they will have the bins here this week. Brian is very relieved. I am very disappointed that the council cannot take this commercial opportunity and exploit the fund raising opportunity it offers to subsidise other services which are at breaking point. Rant concluded!