The rain is dancing at Dreamcatcher Cabins ….

I have just returned from a week with the girls in the baking hot sun in Spain. Dreamcatcher Cabins were left in the capable hands of Ross. As I lounged at the pool Ross kept all the guests happy and it just confirms that nobody notices when I am not here – I really must slip away more often!
We have American visitors here this week and they are loving the rain. Everything is so green and fresh and in the cabins it is just lovely to hear the rain battering on the roof while you sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and the nature around you.
Although we have no weekends free now until September we do have a few mid-week days if you have holidays and fancy a wee break. Even in the rain it is glorious. It is a great excuse to sink into the bath and read a book while the forest moves, sways and drips around you. Then crawl into bed for a mid-afternoon snooze. Forest bathing at its best!