The Pheasant

I have been going out on my bike early the last few glorious mornings before the world is stirring. There are 2 reasons, the first is I am up and the sun is shining and the second some people are not being terribly kind about cyclists being out on their bikes instead of their feet. So I am giving these people a little space.

This morning I came across a pheasant. It was bright, beautiful and oblivious. As I got closer I could see its stunning plumage glinting in the morning sun and again, I appreciated, how the small things in life are the most beautiful.

I was almost upon it when it did that typical pheasant panic thing. It let out a dreadful squawk, tried to fly (they are very clumsy at takeoff) and in its blind terror slammed right into the pig shed. It looked really sore but it did manage to gather itself together and successfully fly away.

Immediately, for some weird reason, I thought of the world and this virus. We were all going about our business like the pheasant was, then wham, we hit the virus (instead of the pig shed in case you cannot follow my somewhat strange logic). It stopped us in our tracks. I am still trying to get my head around the enormity of it all and how we use it to learn and change for the better as this cannot be allowed to happen again.

I found a wee poem that kind of sums it up:

The pheasant shows its beauty
It’s calm and poise – no fear
As it gathers for its family
For those so near and dear

As danger fast approaches
It calls to those around
They fly with panic rising
And quickly go to ground

We can learn from those pheasants
In times of fear or strife
Just huddle down with those you love
And get on with living life


Stay safe and we are looking forward to seeing soon at Dreamcatcher Cabins