“The nights are fair drawing in..”

We have been judging the approaching nightfall by the time that Derby makes his way home, alerts us to wanting in, goes to his dish and has a good feed, flies to the kitchen window and settles down with a grinding sound coming from his beak.

The final preparation is when his head is firmly popped under his wing. If we make a noise in the kitchen after that he lets out a squawk (from under his wing) to tell us he is not happy.

It is a sign that the birds are settling down for the night and darkness is approaching. Tonight his head was firmly under his wing at 4 pm! Winter is approaching fast.

I love winter in the cabins. A crispy morning is an ideal time to spring out of bed and make the most of a lovely early morning walk. If it is cold and wet – well, it is obvious a long lie with a book in bed is the answer.

The world at present is uncertain. There are a lot of things to cause us stress. However, it is almost impossible when lying in a bath with a book and hot chocolate, to even remember that there is a world beyond you and your partner. Wrap up in your dressing gowns, pull the big blanket over you and watch the flames in the fire dance.

We will all be dancing again soon too. Stay safe x