The new cabin …

Hedgehog Hideaway

As you know we had started to build the base of Hedgehog Hideaway when the virus started to take hold and lockdown arrived. We, of course, stopped the build and cancelled the van we had put a deposit on to convert to a campervan in the Dreamcatcher theme.

However, we are starting to make tentative plans again. We are hoping we can welcome you for part of the summer at least.

Construction, if all goes to plan, is in the second phase of the lockdown easing of restrictions and opening self-catering accommodation is in the third phase. Will has agreed that he can come when we enter phase 2 and get the cabin built before phase 3 starts which is great news. He will be working on his own so it will work perfectly with social distancing and keeping to the rules. The new cabin should be ready for us reopening – HOPEFULLY sometime in July but that remains to be seen.

As for the campervan – that has not yet been fully discussed. Like many businesses we need to look at the figures and be sure we can go ahead this year. This was to have been a “full-on” pushing forward year but it has turned into a “sit back, go with the flow and stay well” year.

A friend of Ross’ who stayed with us a few years back started a practice we still use. After we have eaten together we all give 5 things we are grateful for. At first it felt strange and a bit stilted but actually it focusses the mind on all that is good – especially in times of distress. It alters the thought pattern a bit. It gives you the chance to say nice things to each other that probably would have been left unsaid that day.

One of my friends family have “highlights of the day” – the same kind of thing. It helps focus on the positive and try not to dwell on the negative. I know, at times, that is really hard. She says that even if you have had the worst day there has to have been something good happened. I think that is true if you can look hard enough.

I am always grateful that you continue to support us, I am grateful that you read and interact with our writing on the blog as well as so many other things.

Thank you.

Stay safe. x