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The Healing Power of Nature

If anyone’s been tuning in to the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’ this year, you may have seen the short clip on Mark Mason Gardner, a wildlife photographer who fell in love with the foxes his garden soon after becoming wheelchair bound by an illness. In the clip, he explains how watching the nature in his garden is ‘like a medicine’. By observing, he is able to take his mind off of his pain and recommends more of us should do the same. He says ‘everyone should turn to nature… slow yourself down and just watch’.

What Mark says ties in exactly with what we’re trying to do with the cabins.

It’s extremely difficult to avoid the constant barrage of emails, notifications, headlines, pings and rings in the tech filled world we all live in. Even if you do manage to set aside an hour to read a book, it’s almost always peppered with quick breaks to reply to a whatsapp or like a new instagram post.

The reason the cabins don’t have plug sockets or wifi (other than the solar panels can’t hack it) is to allow you guys to break free of your phones and just sit and watch the nature that’s around you. Let the natural world massage your brain and connect back to where you come from.

We hope the sense of peace and stillness our cabins give you in the woodland environment is something you will go on to try to find back in your day-to-day lives. The Harvard Medical School recommends 20-30 minutes in a natural environment 2-3 days per week as it’s been scientifically proven to improve mental health.

Mark was helped massively by just sitting and watching nature do its thing in his back garden, and we hope your stay in the cabins does the same for you.

Watch the Springwatch clip here

And read more about the positive mental health effects of spending time in nature here

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