The glass arrived, the plumber did not …

The long-awaited glass arrived for the door and windows for the cabin. We were delighted as that was us back on track – until the plumber called to say he is really unwell and will not be able to do the job! It is a bit of a spanner in the works this close to opening on the 17th. On a project this size there will always be things that do not go according to plan. Keep calm and find a solution! Hopefully, by tomorrow we will have managed to solve the latest hiccup.

Will (The Little Hut Company) today has moved on to doing our signs and carvings. The hedgehog for the car park is underway and he has started a large road sign. He is so talented. Will has won the European Carving Championships numerous times so we are very privileged to have him doing our carvings.

Will has a very able helper in Kimber. She is below holding his calculations for the spacing for the sign. She worked them out very carefully.


Monday 14th September in Jay and Hedgehog is the first availability we have

Weekend – Friday 23rd October in Jay’s Nest

I hope that is helpful.