The Glamping Show

Yesterday we attended the Glamping Show in Coventry. We went last year with the idea of buying safari tents to put in the forest. That had been our original vision. When we got there it had been raining and they were wet inside. We could not believe we had come so close to potential disaster! We were then back to the drawing board as to what our project was going to look like.

That was when we spotted The Little Hut Company, chatted to Will and he immediately “got” what we were trying to do with conservation, minimum environmental footprint, respecting the wildlife etc. We felt we could work with him, liked his ideas and he liked ours. The new vision for Dreamcatcher Cabins started to form. Combining Will’s chainsaw carving skills we saw the potential to do something really different and exciting.

I cannot believe it was only a year ago. Within months we had our planning application in and accepted, work began, work ended and we were up and running. What a year it has been. I have put together some photos of our journey I still can hardly believe it has happened. We literally had blood, sweat and tears!

As the next year begins the next project starts – 80 kg of daffodil bulbs to plant.around the cabins and more crocus bulbs than I care to count! I am sure there will be a few swear words along the way but come next spring can you imagine how beautiful it will look? I am not rushing my life away but I can hardly wait to see it!