The Gift of Time ..

Time is something that most of us feel very short of. We seem to be on a treadmill that is very difficult to get off.

Lockdown taught many of us there is a different way to operate. We got to stop and evaluate what is important in life. Many of us started working from home, seeing more of our children and having time just to “be”. Lots of us were isolated and yearned for the companionship we had taken for granted in our old lives. I think that almost all of us found ourselves with more time than we had ever had before and really appreciated it.

Time is a beautiful thing. It is the most precious thing we can give to the people we care about. Time to chat, time to laugh and even sometimes, time to cry. It strengthens our bonds, deepens our roots and allows us to have wings when the time is right.

Coming to Dreamcatchers gives you time to reconnect with your partner, to chill in the bath, watch the wildlife, read a book, walk in the forest, listen to the rain – time to do as you please – a very precious gift indeed.

(6th-8th October has become available in Badger’s Sett)