The Fox is in her Den

Dreamcatcher cabins, Gartmore.
Dreamcatcher cabins, Gartmore.

The first booking is due for the Fox’s Den on Saturday. Today was spent cleaning and putting in the furnishings. It is exciting to have the second cabin almost operational. Ash, (Ashley Coombes Photography) who took the incredible photos will come down on Friday to get the next set of pictures. I am looking forward to seeing them. The Fox’s Den has taken longer than anticipated to complete as Brian is now into his gardening season (Landscape Gardener) so the progress of the cabins has slowed down. The Badger’s Sett is just about ready too so we are very close.

We have been totally overwhelmed with your response to our cabins. We designed them with Will (Little Hut Company) from ideas in our heads and we loved the concept. We are just so pleased (and hugely relieved) you love the concept too. The bookings have been rolling in. It has been hard to keep up at times.

To help give me more time I have been lucky enough to engage the help of 3 lovely young students from the village. They started today with energy and enthusiasm and had the work done in jig time. It allowed me the time to be on the computer catching up, as I got a little bit of a row last night from Jamie (marketing) that I had not blogged for a few days. I have barely had time to shower never mind blog! Rest assured though I have now fitted in both! 😀😀

We will soon be able to start our programme of work placements with our local charity Green Routes. They provide support and education to young people with additional support needs. I am very much looking forward to this part of the project. We are hoping to be up and running with the programme in about 3 weeks time. I will keep you posted.

We have had the winner of our first competition who was delighted to win 2 nights in the Red Squirrel’s Dray. The competition reached 1.5 million people. I just cannot comprehend the reach of Social Media – not having used it before. Thank you so much to you all who shared and liked. It is just awesome.

The Red Squirrels brought their babies down to the feeder today. They are tiny and beautiful. It was very exciting to see them. The swallows have fledged in the garage but are coming back to the nest every night – what is that all about? The noise is incredible and I have given up watching out for Willis our cat – they need to move out!

So with the completion of the Fox’s Den we are now all steam ahead on the Badger’s Sett. We have used our initials B, F, J and R, linked to the wildlife that uses the forest, to name the cabins. We are still really excited about the whole project – if not a little tired. Brian in particular has been working physically since we started in January without a day off but we are nearly, nearly there. Thank you for all your help making it happen.