The Final Push (May 13th)

There is an air of panic around the Dreamcatcher site – and that is just me. Less than 2 weeks to go until our first booking. As with all big projects it is the last 10% which makes the difference. Red Squirrel cabin is just about finished. The plumbing and boiler will be done next week and then I can move in all the furnishings. The others are almost there too. Brian and Will (Little Hut Company) have been working 7 days a week for the last couple of months and are looking forward to seeing the end of construction. Seeds and plants have been put in and yesterday the bath was installed in Red Squirrel’s Dray. The cool box will be beside the bath so you do not have to stretch too far to get the next bottle of wine out!

There are lots of boxes arriving at the house with important things like the scrabble and wildlife books, binoculars and other items to make life very comfortable in the cabins. I have been finishing the blurb for the website and Jamie will be working on that today in New Zealand to have it ready for when we have the photos taken. I will let you know when it is up and running. You will be able to book directly on the site but if you do want to book at present please just contact me – We are on the count down ……..

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