The drifting mentality v focus …

A couple of days after Christmas we always sit down around the table and make some targets for the year to come.

It is now a really interesting thing to do as we can look back over the many years we have done it and see how many of our goals and targets have been achieved or not. They include personal and business goals and of course one of the big ones we have achieved together has been the cabins. They have changed our lives in so many ways. For me it has been health. Four years ago I would have been in the shielding and highly vulnerable category during the virus. I am now delighted to say I will not be getting my vaccine early because I have kept such good health recently the days of steroids and inhalers are a distant memory.

Drifting v focus. This blog is a great example of the art of drifting. I started off intending to talk about an ultramarathon that took place yesterday.

One of Jamie’s goals was to run an ultramarathon this year. February is not even over and the goal has a huge tick. He set off into the forest yesterday after training since the new year and pulled off 50 km. Absolute focus, determination and grit. Well done to him. An amazing achievement.Well done to his support team too. David and Ross looked after him really well with Ross doing half on a bike and half running and David doing the last 10 km with him to ensure he got over the finish line. The Dream Team at its best.

“if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” (African proverb).

How true that is.Stay safe. x