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The Dream Team Has Grown by One!

As you might imagine, an extra cabin means a whole load of extra work. A 25% increase in the size of a business is not to be sniffed at. There’s been a marked increase in the amount of washing, ironing, cleaning and general work to be done. We’d discussed the possibility of hiring a new member of staff so that Mum could spend less time ironing and more time “being retired”, but hadn’t really taken any action. Then a message popped up on my Facebook…

Emily Bowie, a friend from the village, messaged me asking whether there were any hours going at Dreamcatcher’s. We had a quick chat to discuss what the job entails, and the Dream Team grew by one!

We’re so excited to have Emily on board. We went to primary and high school together, and have spent many an hour throwing water balloons at unsuspecting tourists. Emily was always very academic, and has recently finished a degree in psychology. We’re hoping she might contribute to the Dreamcatcher blog, as part of her degree was in ‘nature therapy’. The theory is that spending time in natural spaces is beneficial to people’s well-being, which is a very similar idea to what we offer at the cabins. It’s an opportunity to relax in a natural environment which in turn hopefully has a positive effect on our guests mental health. I’m looking forward to learning more about it!

Outside of work Emily loves to hike, wild swim, and stay fit running and cycling. She’s a very active person, so we’re looking forward to the new injection of energy she’s bound to bring to the team.

Our staff are the most important part of the business. Without the Dream Team, there’s no Dreamcatcher Cabins. Emily is a perfect fit for the job, and we can’t wait for her to get started.

Welcome to Dreamcatcher Cabins, Emily!