The Blessing of Family and Friends

4 Days to go………….

A serene calm has descended over the forest with everything ready and nothing left to do …………….  aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, if only!

Last week, you will have seen on the post, we put out a call for help.  We are so grateful to everyone who answered the battle cry and to all our friends and family for all of the things they have done to help us.  Without exception they have been there during the project keeping us sane with words of encouragement, physical help, sharing posts, coming to visit, making rolls, sorting boxes, expertly threading and fitting ropes, sorting out my Facebook, giving labour and a million other things.  Thank you to our son Jamie’s pals who have dropped their lives and joined ours to lug boulders, take down fences, move wood and a million other tasks we were struggling with.   Thank you everyone for everything.  We are indeed blessed to have you all around us.  We feel very lucky.

We are just about there. For those of you who know us, Brian and I love a deadline! Although we are almost complete on all 4 cabins we are concentrating for the next few days perfecting The Red Squirrel’s Dray.  The wood burning stove is operational, the bath is fitted, the gas fitter and plumbers are here today doing all the connections for the water and boiler, the bedding is here, board games, wildlife books, binoculars, the midge machine is operational, the lighting is ready to go up, solar panel is on the roof, the safety equipment installed, the gas stove is ready to connect, the cool box is here (it keeps ice solid for 3 days?????) and a million other things.  I am oiling the oak headboard hourly and am ready to clean the cabin until it sparkles.

I cannot tell you how delighted we are with the cabins the Little Hut Company have built (  The attention to detail and the high spec Will has given to the build has taken our breath away.  They are a work of art – literally.  Will has been on site for the last few week and we have worked together on a daily (hourly at times) basis without a hiccup.  I am sure there have been times his tongue has been sore biting it, with us constantly asking his advice, but he has brought wisdom, patience and humour to the project.  We have had fun.  If you are looking to do a similar project I cannot recommend him highly enough.   Kimber his dog has been a great asset to the project too with her daily kisses and excitement.  I have seldom seen a better trained dog. We will miss them both when they leave.

The website will be operational soon.  Our sons are both travelling in New Zealand at present (they pick their times to be away!) and Jamie is working on the website.  Unfortunately his 10 day meditation retreat (looking forward to hearing all about that) has come at the most inopportune moment – just when we need the website.  However, he is “out” soon and we will soon get rid of all that free head space he has created with all the requirements of the website.  Ross I am sure could help but he is somewhere in New Zealand in his new camper van without internet.  If anyone spots him, tell him his mum is looking for him! She has jobs for him to do.   Meanwhile, if you wish to book we are on Airbnb, or drop me an email  The charge will be £120 per night and you will get a pack of goodies on arrival for breakfast – lovely bread, local eggs, fresh orange juice, homemade jam and a wee scone or two may make their way into your cool box too.

Thank you again to everyone and I will try to do a daily post on the countdown to the deadline.

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