The birds are singing …

It is a beautiful day. Derby our parrot is flying about in a state of excitement at the warm weather, Ross is singing, Brian is in the cabins sanding and installing sinks and I am trying not to panic at the looming deadline!

How can we be still working in the cabins after months of lockdown. I blame the cold weather not our lack of motivation! Boy, are we motivated now.

I have just come from Jay’s Nest. We have a new worktop and sink in there and it is looking fabulous. I need to get out the Osmo Coat (a wood protector) and get started coating the new wood. It can take a couple of days to dry and therefore I need to move myself or the guests will be putting down their glass on it on Monday and it will stick! It is really satisfying to know that the wood has come from our own forest.

We are so looking forward to having you back and getting into a routine again. It is going to be a shock to our system after all these months – but a good one.

Once again thank you so much for all your support, kind words, encouragement, bookings and good wishes during this year. It has not been an easy one for hospitality and we are grateful that we are now in a position to reopen next Monday.

Stay safe. x