The beauty took our breath away

The weather has been absolutely beautiful and the Dream Team took to the hills and the lochs yesterday.We are so lucky to be surrounded by stunning scenery, walking, cycling, climbing, riding, kayaking, wild swimming and so many other outdoor activities.Yesterday we did the very easy Conich Hill. It is about 45 mins up if you are not at peak fitness but the view from the top is amazing. It literally takes your breath away (or was it that I am not quite as fit as I imagine?).

The sun was shining, the sky was a deep blue and there was a dusting of snow all around. Stunning.

When you get back to the bottom the Oak Tree Inn is a fabulous destination for food. Yesterday we had to make do with a carryout coffee. Another business crippled by the lockdown. It was very welcome though.

We then made our way to the car park on the shore of Loch Lomond where we had a dip. I have to confess I only managed in to my knees until I decided that really I did not need to be doing this and raced out again. The boys swam. It was cold.

Back home again we made some dinner and set some goals for the year. Santa very kindly gave Brian a beehive. You may, in years to come, be sampling Dreamcatchers honey. He is delighted to be able to do another little bit for the environment by supporting our bee population. I am delighted at the thought of using our own honey in many ways including the dinner!

I am sure you will hear more about the bees in future blogs. Our very survival depends on insects like bees pollinating our different plant species. Bees are one of the main pollinators and are in drastic decline. I think it will be lovely to help. Especially since I will not be doing any of the work apart from eating the honey!

Today the boys have gone up Ben A’nn. I can be found in front of the fire with a bowl of soup. We are so lucky to have so much to do around the cabins.

Stay positive and stay safe. x