The Badger’s Sett and Jay’s Nest

We have completed and are operational with the Badger’s Sett. We are again delighted with how it has evolved. We do not have photos yet as Ash our photographer has gone on holiday – the cheek of him!

I have put up fairy lights leading you up to the cabins so that if it is dark you can see where you are going. I love fairy lights but I am wondering if they give too much light? So many things to consider. I think they look very romantic.

We are delighted with the reviews we have been getting and we have had lovely guests without exception. It has been really great. We have met some really interesting people – it makes you feel a bit boring really.

Brian is now on the last push with the Jay’s Nest. He crushed his poor finger under a huge bolder yesterday and it is all squashed, black and horrible. Of course he will not have it seen too – oh no – “it will be fine”. Let us hope he is right! He is frantically installing the solar panel, toilet and goodness knows what all to be ready for the first booking on the 25th We were ready with 3 minutes to spare with the Red Squirrel’s Dray, an hour with the Fox’s Den, a day with the Badger’s Sett but I have a feeling we will be back to the wire again with the Jay’s Nest.

4 days to go …………….

Fox's Den, Dreamcatcher Cabins, Gartmore.
Fox’s Den, Dreamcatcher Cabins, Gartmore.