TGI Monday …..

Monday for me, when I was a teacher, meant up at 5.40 am and away from the house at 6 am returning about 7 pm (we had a Monday after school meeting). It was a long tiring day. I loved life in school, I loved the pupils, my colleagues, my job, but for any of you who work in schools, you will understand how full-on and tiring it is. I was always very pleased to get Monday behind me.

This morning Ross’ alarm woke me just after 8 am. Unfortunately, it did not wake him! I wandered through and had my breakfast and started work about 9.30 am. I had a very pleasant day working at a pace I could only dream about in my past school life.

Mondays tend to be a quiet day for us at Dreamcatchers. We only had one cabin changing over today which Christine did with her usual good humour and cheer while I worked on clearing the emails, catching up on the laundry and other admin that was needing done.

If any of my lovely old (as in former) colleagues are reading this I miss you. I miss the chat and the banter, the problem solving, teamwork and the support we gave each other. However, when I think of my old Monday compared to my Monday routine now I am not really tempted to swap.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 2 years in so many ways – reading my blog, coming to visit, booking for the future, sharing ideas, writing reviews and all the other things that you have done. We really appreciate it.

TGI Monday – there are not many of us who have the privilege of saying that!