Switch off

“Scotland’s most outstanding holiday cabin 2019”

More and more I’m reading articles which we all instinctively know to be true. Getting out in nature is good for us. It gives our minds time to switch off from our usual “directed attention” as it is called (the type of concentration we would use at work) and spend time using our “involuntary attention”. This is when something takes your attention in an effortless way that does not require you to concentrate. This can be birdsong, a Red Squirrel or some beautiful light coming through the trees. All can be done from the settee in Dreamcatcher Cabins. It gives your “directed mind” time off.

Being in the forest brings all sorts of benefits – reduced stress, higher creativity, better mood and boosts your immune system through the airborne chemicals plants emit called “phytoncides’ which help our bodies fight disease. It makes perfect sense to me considering our evolution.

It is why at Dreamcatcher Cabins we have no sockets for your phones and only candle and fairy lights. We hope you will, for a few days, live your life at a slightly slower pace and with different priorities. We have lost count of the number of people who say it is the most relaxed they have felt in years. One gentleman said it was the first full nights sleep he had experienced in 20 years.

Come and switch pace to ours at Dreamcatcher Cabins.