Struggling to find the words ..

It is hard to think or talk about anything other than the dreadful events in Ukraine. It has seemed crass to be talking about the beauty of our country, the peace of our forests, the abundance of nature around us while not so far away people are dying in such an unfair and unjust war.

I cried as I listened to a text correspondence between a mother and a young Russian soldier who died just after the exchange. I bet he was my boys age. I was there with her.

He talked about being told that they would be welcome in Ukraine and his shock and horror at this not being the case. He was devastated at having to be involved in killing innocent people. His mother was asking if they could send him a parcel. It was absolutely heartbreaking. It is, as always, not the politicians who suffer the greatest losses.

Tonight hold each other close, count your blessings and give thought to the poor people on both sides of this dreadful conflict. x