Starting to make some plans?

Starting to make some plans?

Today I got a message from one of my whatsapp group of friends suggesting we make some summer plans for days out and trips away. It gave me further confirmation that people are starting to gain confidence that life will return to a new normal soon as our vaccination programme gathers momentum.

I have seen further evidence of this as our bookings have started to pick up again for later in the year. I think we all have “cabin fever” and some arranged trips help us to get through the monotony. Our first weekend availability is now is 18th June.


A great day out from the cabins is to head towards Inversnaid (passing the beautiful Loch Arklet on the way). There is an RSPB nature trail with fantastic views over Loch Lomond. After a walk why not pop into Inversnaid Bunkhouse where they do great food for reasonable prices. It is definitely worth a visit.

You are also close to Loch Katrine which is one of Outlander film locations. You can watch the cruise boats sail by and watch out for the Ospreys flying above.

Meanwhile, stay safe, we are nearly there x