Some sad news about our parrot, Darby..

I’m sorry to share such sad news, but our parrot Darby died very suddenly this week. We’re not sure exactly how, but it may have been poisoning.

He arrived at the pond in the morning quite unwell, but we thought he might have been fighting with the crows again as he loved to do. However, after sitting in his cage for a few hours, his condition quickly deteriorated. While we were eating lunch, we heard him fall from his perch. He was away by the time we picked him up.

It’s always painful to lose a pet. They become a part of the family. He was only 3, and given that his species often live to 30, he didn’t have a long life at all. Dad showered him with love and peanuts from day 1.

But he did have a happy life. Since he was a young bird he lived free in our garden. He confused passersby with his unusual call, and charmed the guests of the cabins when he would pay them a visit (even though he wasn’t allowed at the cabins!).

We will miss his presence in our lives. He had the ability to lighten up your day with his funny phrases like: “cheeky boy”, “lovely boy”, “drink of water” and his longest, “what you doing flying all about the place?”. The skies around the house are not the same without him.

He was well-loved in the Dreamcatcher community. Last year he went missing, and after a social media campaign was located in Dalry, Ayrshire, almost 50 miles away from our house. He made it onto the front page of the Stirling Observer! We would have never have got him back if it wasn’t for all of the shares and comments from the lovely people here. We are still so grateful for your efforts.

Darby is no longer with us, but we will always have fond memories of him. He was a good little soul.