Some photos of Hedgehog – at last!

It is difficult to schedule photos while we are open and full of guests so we took the opportunity the other day to have Ash over to do some photos of our new cabin Hedgehog.

Ash has done all our beautiful photographs (www.ashleycoombes.co.uk) for the cabins so he was able to safely let himself into the forest and do the shoot. We are delighted with the results and there are a couple below for you to have a look at. Now we will need to get Ross or Jamie mobilised to get them on to the website. We have all slowed our pace considerably since we went into lockdown again. I think most people are the same unless you are one of our precious frontline workers.

It is a grey, wet day today. It is a perfect day in the cabins for snuggling down at the fire and reading a book. We just hope we can have you back soon to do just that.

Meanwhile – stay safe. x